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 “Armenological Issues” is the bulletin of the Institute for Armenian Studies of YSU. It has been published since 2014, in Yerevan.  Various research materials on Armenian studies are published in this bulletin. Many prominent scholars from RA, Armenian Diaspora and abroad collaborate with this bulletin. 

The bulletin is published thrice a year. It has the following sections: “Articles”, “Publications”, “Book Reviews”, “Academic Life”.

The materials are reviewed and edited.  Those articles, which do not match the criteria, won’t be published in the bulletin.


Editor-in-chief- A. Simonyan


Editorial board

A. Avagyan                                       M. Hovhannsiyan

L. Avetisyan (Deputy Editor-in chief)     L. Hovsepyan

A. Gharibyan                                        H. Avetisyan

H. Margaryan                                        Y. Avetisyan

E. Minasyan                                          H. Bayramyan

S. Muradyan                                        G. Bardakjian (USA)

V. Poghosyan (Executive Secretary)    G. Dedeyan (France)

A. Drost-Abgaryan (Germany)               S. Sayadov (Russia)

S. Zakaryan                                           A. Safaryan

A. Hayruni                                            A. Dakessian (Lebanon)  

The articles should be represented in USB flash drive (text should be in Microsoft Word Document, pictures –TIFF or JPG). The main language of the article is Armenian (with summary in English, about 300 words), if the articles are in Russian, English, French, German there should be a summary in Armenian (about 300 word).


The criteria are the following:

1. Theme font – Sylfaen (in Armenian), Times New Roman (in other languages)

2. Font Size – 12, Line Space – 1.5

3. At the beginning of the article there should be the name and surname of the author (uppercase), the title (uppercase), at the end of the article there should be the academic degree of the author, workplace, position, telephone number and E-mail (telephone number and e-mail are published according the author’s agreement)

4. The references should be footnoted; font size- 10, the author, the title, volume, place and date of publication

(also the number, if the article was published in magazine) and the page should be mentioned.

5. To write key words in Armenian, Russian and English.

The articles are accepted in the Institute for Armenian studies of YSU, Alex Manoogian 1, YSU 2nd annex, 5th floor, room N 511, the editorial office of the bulletin “Armenological Issues” (