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The history of Ottoman Empire is a part of the history of the Armenian nation. Therefore, Ottoman researches are important for the Armenian political and cultural history from 14th up to 20th century, historical demography, the study of toponyms, linguistic relations, the study of the issues connected with the Armenian Genocide for the development  of teaching of Ottoman language in YSU.

One of the aims of the department is the comprehensive study and translation of Ottoman origins and sources connected with these issues as well as disclosure and reversion of the falsifications of the Turkish official historiography.

The researches done in the department include.

1.The historical demographic research of Armenian provinces of the Ottoman Empire in combination with Ottoman records (ﺘﺤﺮﻴﺮ tahrir), annuals (ﺴﺍﻟﻨﺍﻤﮫ salname) Armenian and foreign sources.

2.The Armenian provinces in the Ottoman administrative divisions.

3.Tax policy of the Ottoman Empire in Western Armenia.

4.The study of the stages, methods and consequences of forced Islamization of non Turkish nations in the Ottoman Empire (the exploration of the results of Islamization is based particularly on the investigations in the environment of Islamized people of Hemshin living in the territory of present-day Turkey).

5.The study of Turkish ideology and culture.

6.The publication of memoirs of Genocide survivors.

7.The linguistic study of the manuscripts in Kypchak language with Armenian letters, which are kept in Scientific research institute of ancient manuscripts of Matenadaran after Mesrop Mashtots.

8.The creation of the manuals of Ottoman language for the Armenian students.


 The  head of the department is PhD in Philology, Associate  professor Lusine Sahakyan.