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       The Laboratory of Archeological Research of YSU  Ins­ti­tute for Armenian Studies performs a plan - "Archeological research in Armenia, from Stone Age up to Middle Ages (the study of the process of using natural resources by man)". In narrow sense the suggested plan includes Republic of Armenia, in broad sense the territory of Armenian Highland. In accordance with this, first of all geographical, climatic condi­tions, historical and cultural areas of the region will be introduced. From the point of chronological view, the periods of Stone Age, Bronze Age, early Iron Age and Urartian, early Armenian - antique, Middle Ages will be studied by separate working groups. Each group will concentrate on a concrete monument or monuments. Interdisciplinary research will be done connected with a certain monument. The results of the investi­ga­­tions will be examined together, in the same context for general conclusions. The re­sults of the project will be of scientific and didactic value. The foreseen results can be - the organization of archeological excavations in Armenia, the study of new found archeological monuments, the reconstruction and conservation of the material, phy­sico­che­mical diagnosis, the creation of material basis related with the process of using natural resources by man, making various maps, revealing regularities, the verification of the archeological monuments, publication of the material in local or foreign journals, completing museum fund of the university, using achieved facts for didactic purposes for the improvement of  the methods of teaching archeology.



        The head of the Laboratory is  Doctor of History Hayk Avetisyan.