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 ADAMYAN Petros (21.12.1949, Constantinople – 4.6.1981, Constantinople), Armenian actor. From 1867 Petros Adamyan played in the Armenian theaters of Constantinople.

 In 1870 he moved to Nakhichevan-on-Don with T. Fasulachyan’s troupe. Petros Adamyan performed  in P. Maghakyan’s troupe in 1872-75,  in the Armenian troupes (1879), then Adamyan performed in Akhaltsikhe and Alexandrapole (1880).  In 1880 Petros Adamyan performed the role of Hamlet (“Hamlet” by W. Shakespeare). He performed the roles of  Franz (“The Robbers” by F. Schiller), Zhadov (“ A Profitable Position” by A. Ostrovski), Chatsky (“Woe from Wit” by A. Griboyedov) realistically.  See more.