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 AZNAVOUR CHARLES (Vaghenag Aznavourian, 22.5.1924, Paris), singer, songwriter, poet, actor. «National Hero of Armenia» (2004). His first song «I drank» («J'ai bu») was written in 1944.  In 1946 he was on tour with vocal group «Les Compagnons de la Chanson». Aznavour wrote songs for E. Piaf, G. Bécaud and for others. In 1959 he achieved  his fame after the performance in «Olympia»  theatre in Paris.  He had concerts in Yerevan as well (1964, 1996). He wrote more than thousand songs, such as «Drums of love» («Les tambours de l'amour»), «Mama», «This is the end» («C’est fini»), «Alleluia», «Two guitars» («Les deux guitares»), «The town» («La Ville»), «One must know» («Il faut savoir»), etc. See more.