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 Hamo Beknazaryan (Bek-Nazarov) (May 19 (31), 1892, Yerevan – April 27, 1965 Moscow), Armenian film-director and actor. He was people’s artist of USSR (1935). Hamo Beknazaryan was the founder of the Armenian cinematography. He contributed to  the formation and development of Georgian and Azerbaijani cinematography. He graduated from the Moscow Commercial Institute (1928). Beknazaryan acted in Russian movies (1915-1919). From 1921 he became the head of the film section of People's Commissariat for Education in Georgia, later a director of Georgian State Film Industry. He acted in “At the Pillar of Shame” (1923), “Natela” (1925), etc.  From 1925 Beknazaryan worked in Yerevan. His “Namus” (1925) became the base for the foundation of the national cinematography and realistic movement of the Armenian cinema. See more.