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 JANSEM (Hovhannes Semerdjian, 9.3.1920 (Turkey)-27.08.2013), painter. NAS RA Foreign member (2002). He and his family settled  in Thessaloniki in 1922, they moved to Paris in 1931. Jansem studied at  school free of academies of Montparnasse (1934), then he continued his education in  the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs. (1939). From 1944 his works were exhibited in Salon des Independants. Some of his works are on national themes («The Armenian woman» (1946), «Armenian wedding» (1947), «Funeral» (1981, National Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan), etc.) Jansem’s unique and realistic compositions are full of deep humanism («Family» (1953), «At the market» (1954), «Fishmongers» (1957), «Torchlight procession»  (1962), etc.), among his series of paintings are «Venice» (1966), «Dance» (1970), «Bullfight» (1972), «Masquerade», «Masks», «Procession» (1987), among his portraits are «Actor A. Quinn» (1955), «Charles Aznavour» (1956), etc.

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