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 Terlemezyan Panos (11.3.1865, Van-30.4.1941, Yerevan) Armenian artist. People's Artist of Armenian SSR (1935). He received his primary education at Van Central college (1881-86), then he studied at Art Society School in Saint-Petersburg (1835-97), and at  Académie Julian (1899-1904).

He was the author of many pictures such as “Landscape. Bretagne” (1900, National Gallery of Armenia), “Narthex of Sanahin Monastery” (1904. Golden medal (1913), Munich). Terlemzyan lived in Paris (1908-10), then in Constantinople (1910-12). He was one of the leaders of Van Resistance (1915). His “Lake Van and Mount Sipan from Ktuts Island”  (1915) was drawn during  that period.  Terlemezyan was one of the founders of the union of Armenian Artists in Tiflis (1916), then he became the head of the Union in 1917 (Rostov-on-Don branch).  He  visited  Constantinople, Italy, France  in 1919-22, then he lived in USA (1923-28), where he painted still life, landscapes with fine colours (“Coasts of the English Channel” (1921), “Niagara Falls” (1923), “Still life. Pomegranates” (1926)) and portraits.

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