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Encyclopedia >> Armenological Encyclopedia >> For Shushi Liberation

 Medal “For Shushi Liberation” is Nagorno Karabakh Republic award. It was established on May 7, in 1994 by the decision of Supreme Council of NKR. The medal is awarded to Defense Army, servicemen of NKR National State Security Department, Ministry of Interior Affairs, volunteer freedom-fighters as well as the organizers and leaders who participated  in the liberation of Shushi and other settlements. 

The medal is 32 mm wide and 42 mm long octagon made of special alloy. On the top of the medal it is written “Artsakh”, below it is written “Shushi”, in the center of it there is an image of an eagle and cross on the top of its right wing. Medal is edged by the octagonal frame. On the other side of the medal it is written “Shushi was Liberated  on May 9, 1992”, below of which there are three crosses. Inscriptions and images on medal are convex. 

A rectangular plank is attached to the medal through fastener and rectangle ring and is covered by 32 mm wide three coloured NKR national flag and a ribbon with the silk laurel. “For Shushi Liberation” medal was awarded to 1060 people (2003).