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Encyclopedia >> Armenological Encyclopedia >> School in XVII-XVIII centuries

 School in XVII-XVIII centuries.  In XVII-XVIII centuries the rise of the school was significant in Armenian culture. Schools were founded in different regions of Armenia, as well as in regions where refugees settled. This contributed to the development of Armenain culture.  One of the most famous schools was school of Echmiadzin, where such skillful professors as Voskan Yerevantsi, Simeon Jughayetsi, Stepanos Lehatsi and other professors delivered their lessons. The rise of the school started from 1763 by the efforts of Catholicos of all the Armenians Simeon Yerevantsi. The school of Amirdoghlu monastery in Baghesh, as well as  schools in Constantinople, Skyutar district, etc.  were well-known  in this period. See more.