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One of the important fields of the Armenian Studies is the Armenian-Kurdish relations. Thus, the Department of Armenian-Kurdish Relations was founded in YSU Institute for Armenian Studies. Some important aspects have been totally ignored in the context of Armenian-Kurdish relations. 

Though the Armenian-Kurdish relations include historical, political, economic, civilized, religious, cultural, demographic and sociological fields, mostly the history of the Armenian-Kurdish relations was viewed in the Armenian historiography.  Besides, the Armenian historiography and society aren’t deprived of the stereotypes concerning Kurds and Kurdish Issue. 

The issue isn’t deeply studied in the context of regional processes and security, that is why there is a need in multilateral approaches taking into consideration  the existence of the Armenian two states (Republic of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh Republic), the  establishment of Kurdish autonomy in Northern Iraq, the Kurdish development  in the region, as well as the prospect of the development models  of Kurdistan Regional Government  and South Caucasian state relations.

The objectives of the Department of Armenian-Kurdish Relations are.

To represent the Armenian-Kurdish relations in historical, political, economic, civilized, religious, cultural, demographic and sociological context.

To analyze the reasons and phases of the Armenian Issue and Kurdish Problem in the context of comparative study.

To examine “Armenian Issue”- “Kurdish factor” and “Kurdish Issue”-“Armenian factor” studying the main issues of the liberation struggle of the Armenian and Kurdish people.

To study multilingual sources and bibliography of the Armenian-Kurdish relations.

To represent the role of the Armenian authorities and the  contribution of the Armenian intellectuals in the study of Kurdish culture and history.

To view the achievements and failures of the Kurdish Regional Government in the context of the regional developments, the relations between Kurdish Regional Government and regional countries (including South Caucasian Republics) and  the reasons of Kurdish factor activation in the region. 

To analyze and to represent  the  importance of the Armenian-Kurdish relations and the existing problems in the context of  regional  developments.

The Department of Armenian-Kurdish Relations of YSU Institute for Armenian Studies is going to publish several works on this field. Moreover, the views and conclusions of the distinguished Kurdologists, which are ignored in the Armenian sources,  will be translated and represented according to critical analysis. Moreover, various sources and literature on Kurdish Studies in Armenian will be represented.

There are specialists in Armenian, Kurdish, Persian, Russian, Turkish, English and in other languages in the Department.

The studies and publications of the Department will be of practical importance .

The head of the Department is Candidate in Historical Sciences, Associate professor Vahram Petrosyan.