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On June 27-29, 2014 international conference “Education without Discrimination: Bologna Context” took place in the capital of NKR Stepanakert. The conference was organized by the efforts of Ministry of Education and Science of NKR and Artsakh State University.

The president of NKR Bako Sahakyan, Minister of Education and Science of NKR Slava Asryan, RA Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan greeted the presents. In their speeches they mentioned the importance of such conferences in Artsakh with the participation of well-known scientists and experts.  They mentioned the importance of such kind of initiative, as the conference was to represent the education as the part of human rights and democratic values, as well as to rise the issues concerning the education in unrecognized states.

International experts, researchers, students from internationally unrecognized states, as well as educational specialists from RA and NKR took part in the international conference.

During the international conference   the current state of education, the process of the reforms,  the opportunities and  challenges  in anticommunistic societies,  current state of the collaboration of educational systems of  recognized and unrecognized states, the development of  educational systems in unrecognized states, issues concerning  the international recognition of  the diplomas given by the universities of these states and the Bologna process, as well as the negative influence  of political problems on the educational system were discussed at the conference.

One of the main aims of the conference was the collaboration, effective means of providing education,  the reflection of  European universities  to the suggestions of universities in unrecognized states  on  the assistance to the  implementation of the programs of the development of the education and collaboration.

On June 28, “Conference Declaration” was issued by the participating countries and experts.