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  The first distance-learning program “The Issues of the Armenian History” of the YSU Institute of Armenian Studies came to end. The ceremony of awarding the graduation certificates took place in  “Levon Shant” Center of the Regional Committee of Hamazkayin, on July 11.

Sargis Kirakosyan greeted those presents saying, “Hamazkayin was the one of those institutions that since the independence of Armenia practically gave content and sense to Armenia-Diaspora cooperation depriving it from slogan level. We opened a new page in the area of culture when we decided to organize distance-learning program with the representative of YSU Mher Hovhannisyan 4-5 months ago”. 

In his turn the first secretary of the RA Embassy in Lebanon Vardan Adamyan emphasized the necessity of preparing human resources for preservation this community. 

The Deputy Director of IAS Mher Hovhannisyan noted that from now on the Armenian community of Lebanon has the support of YSU and thanked those who contributed to the successful implementation of the program and congratulated the graduates. 

At the end of the ceremony Vardan Adamyan and Mher Hovhannisyan awarded certificates to the following students: Mari Gasparian, Huri Yaputchian, Sevan Danielian-Mkrian, Maria Natcharian-Intcheian, Kiro Garavardanian, Tamar Yalmanian, Jean Phares Philipos, Gevorg Yakobian, Lale Garatuneian, Sona Titizian, Maral Yahnian, Ani Pilalian, Vardeni Etoian.