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On October 1, 2014 an international conference kicked off in NAS RA in the frames of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The conference was on “World War I and  Armenian People (History and Actual Problems)”. It was organized by Yerevan State University and National Academy of Sciences.

 Academician, head of NAS RA Radik Martirosyan delivered his opening speech at the beginning of the Conference. Then YSU rector, NAS RA Associate member Aram Simonyan greeted the presents.  Radik Martirosyan and Aram Simonyan emphasized the importance of the conference, as it was to shed light on the role of the Armenian people during World War I, on the Armenian Issue, on some issues of the Armenian Genocide. One of the aims of the conference was to reveal the reality. 

About 45 reports were delivered and discussed in different departments of the Academy on “Participation of the Armenians during WWI”, “Armenian Issue and Diplomatic Struggle in WWI ”, “Genocide Policy of  the Ottoman Empire”, “The Losses of the Armenians during WWI and the Issues of  Compensation”. The delivered reports represented the dangers of  the Turkish denial policy, lack of arguments and undeniable facts of falsification.

Head of the Institute of History of NAS RA Ashot Melkonyan delivered a report on  the reasons  and consequences of WWI and the Armenian Genocide. He denied the viewpoint that Young Turks had organized the massacre of the Armenians in order to suppress the voluntary movement of the Armenians.  Melkonyan presented a lot of facts, which proved the opposite. That is the voluntary movement of the Armenians had nothing to do with the Armenian Genocide, it was just a reason for carrying out the massacres of the Armenians and for the further justification. 

Ruben Safrastyan spoke about the formation of the program of the Armenian Genocide   and represented the results of his analysis on the events of 1910-1915 in the Turkish documents. He represented the programs of carrying out of the Armenian Genocide by Young Turks, as well as 10 the most important points in them.

Armen Marukyan spoke about the preparation of the condemnation application of the Armenian Genocide and about its possible presentation to the International Court and the perspectives. He represented all the possible legal points, which the Armenian side should follow for achieving the international recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide. In his report Armen Marukyan touched upon the Armenian national parties, the importance of Russian-Turkish front, and the destiny of the Western Armenia and Armenian refugees.

In the session hall of the Institute of Oriental Studies the reports on WWI and the Armenian Genocide in the Armenian and world literature and art were delivered.

The Conference, which lasted 2 days ended with plenary session. The heads of the departments discussed the facts concerning the reports and the claims that should be raised against Turks by the Armenian people.