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On December 26, 2014 International and Comparative Law Center organized a conference on “International Legal Bases for Raising Claims to the Republic of Turkey for the Armenian Genocide” in the frames of which the presentation of legal catalogue “International-legal Bases of the Responsibility for the Armenian Genocide” took place. The program was carried out under the patronage of the staff of RA president and with the support of Youth Foundation of Armenia.

Thorough and complete analysis of legal aspects of the responsibility for the Armenian Genocide is incumbent on the eve of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Parallel to the recognition process of the Armenian Genocide it is necessary to bring this question to legal sphere. This research work aims to touch upon the discussion of the issues of international legal responsibility  for the Armenian Genocide from the point of international law. 

One of the founders of the International and Comparative Law Center Vladimir Vardanyan mentioned that the Armenian Genocide shouldn’t be treated emotionally, on the contrary,  its legal and  legal-political issues should be studied. “The documentary material, which has been collected for years, now becomes legal. We have a lot of opportunities in the legal sphere to raise claims in different courts”

Head of the department of  the Armenian Cause and Armenian Genocide of NAS RA Institute of History, Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate professor Armen Marukyan mentioned that a great work  was done  for the 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. He noticed that Turkey thinks that everything would be over with an apologize. “We don’t share their opinion, on the contrary, everything begins with an apologize. As it is not possible to kill millions of people and only to apologize. We speak about the annihilation of a nation, seizure their homeland, confiscation of their property. All the consequences of the Armenian Genocide must be discussed”,-said Armen Marukyan.

Deputy director of YSU Institute for Armenian Studies Mher Hovhannisyan emphasized  the fact, that we pass from the recognition process to the process of claims and legal sphere. 

“Armenian Genocide is seriously studied in Armenia. We began to work on the training process of new cadres, especially a group of lawyers. They should be aware of the issues of the Armenian Genocide not only from the standpoint of International law, but from the standpoints of historiography, psychology, philosophy. In this way they will get an understanding of various issues of the Armenian Genocide. The observations made during  the presentation, the  publication of the catalogue are very essential, as they are the basis of further work and further projects” mentioned Mher Hovhannsiyan.

During the conference  head of  the International and Comparative Law Center Taron Simonyan,  head of  Chair of European and International Law of YSU Vigen Kocharyan, as well as founders of International and Comparative Law Center Levon Gevorgyan and Yeghishe Kirakosyan represented  international legal challenges and concepts of the catalogue.