On January 27, 2015 in RA Ministry of Education and Science an agreement was signed  between Yerevan State University and Dprevank of  Armenian Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia. The agreement was signed in the frames of programs of collaboration with Armenian educational institutions in Diaspora, which is implemented by YSU Institute for Armenian Studies. This agreement is the third one: such agreements were signed between Mesrobian High School & Technical College of Beirut and national colleges under the patronage of Armenian Diocese of Lebanon.

In the frames of this agreement the graduates of Dprevank will be given an opportunity to continue their undergraduate studies in  armenological faculties of Yerevan State University. Before this agreement, the process had some obstacles, which were connected to the status of Dprevank in Lebanon. Some other points are included in the agreement, which are  to make YSU more presentable for pupils and teachers of Dprevank. They will be provided with methodological literature, trainings will be carried out, etc.