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  A scientific session on “The Eternal Life and Activity of the Armenian Commander” dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Commander Andranik will take place on February 24, 2015, at 2 pm in the Hall of YSU Faculty of History (Abovyan 52). The opening speech will be delivered by YSU Rector, NAS RA Associate member Aram Simonyan. The dean of YSU Faculty of History, Doctor in Historical Sciences, Professor Edik Minasyan, professors Petros Hovhannisyan, Ashot Nersisyan and other members of the teaching staff will deliver their reports. The life and the struggle of the Commander Andranik, as well as his role and activities in the organization of the Western Armenia’s hayduk struggle, the memories of that time and people will be represented. 

Andranik Ozanyan, also known as Andranik Pasha and Commander Andranik was born in 1865 in Shapin Garahisar. In 1902-1904 the Armenian detachments headed by Andranik successfully struggled against the Turkish troops in Sasun, Taron and Vaspurakan.  In May 1918 the division of Andranik prevented the advance of the Ottoman Army to Tiflis at Vorontsovka, then continued fights towards Gharakilisa.   The role of Andranik was also significant in the defensive battles of Zangezur. 

However, because of the policy of Entente allies and serious controversies with the representatives of the Armenian government Andranik left Armenia in 1922. 

The Commander died on August 31, 1927 in Fresno. In 1928 his body was taken to Paris and in 2000 to Armenia.  His remains are buried in Yerevan Yerablur cemetery.