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  On March 13, 2015 a press conference dedicated to the representation of the events on the 100th Centennial of the Armenian Genocide organized by Yerevan State University took place in the discussion hall of the Institute for Armenian Studies. The list of the events were represented to the journalists by the Vice Chairman of the Commission, coordinating the preparatory works at YSU dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, Deputy Director of YSU IAS Mher Hovhannisyan and Head of YSU Information and Public Relations Department Karen Grigoryan.

Mher Hovhannisyan first focused on the web project where the list of events that has already kicked off is represented. According to him YSU organizes about 60 events this year and the main events will start on April 21. The ceremony of the opening of the Alley of Gratitude of YSU will be held on that day. There will be 12 bronze busts of famous foreign figures who contributed to the criticism, protest and expression of sympathy of the greatest tragedy of the 20th century. 

On the same day the hall dedicated to the Genocid Literature will be opened in the Library of Yerevan State University which will be followed by the extended session of YSU Academic Council. Ten conferences will be held and according to Hovhannisyan, three of them will be international. The first two will be organized by the efforts of YSU Faculties of Law and Sociology and the third one will be organized in cooperation with NAS RA.  The other conferences will be held in Armenia and in the University.  There will be exhibitions of books and photos, open classes, essays and literary competitions. Being a research Institution, YSU, in 2015, will represent 25 research works dedicated to the Armenian Genocide including many research works in foreign languages. It was also spoken about the participation of the representatives of YSU in events organized by different communities of Diaspora as well as about the planned visits to Russian Federation, Lebanon and Islamic Republic of Iran. 

The professional web-site in three languages and with new academic literature and articles was also represented. M. Hovhannisyan touched upon the Master’s program “Genocide Studies” which is unique in its nature. “Currently there are 13 students both from Armenia and from different communities of Diaspora. In 2015 there will be the  first specialists in international relations and genocide qualified graduates of YSU” –noted Mher Hovhannisyan. 

  Karen Grigoryan noted, that YSU will participate in the Book Fair in Frankfurt and represent several books on the Armenian Genocide, including “The Foreign Policy of USA and the Western Armenians (from the 19th century till 1914) by Arman Kirakosyan and “White Mountain” by Gonsalo Guarch. 

At the end of the press conference the speakers spoke about the visits to the historical places of Armenia in the frames of cultural events organized by YSU and about the tree planting in Artsakh, in Titsernakaberd and Yerablur memeorial complexes.