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On March 18, 2015 a conference on “Teaching of the Armenian Language and Armenian Studies Research in the Universities of Russian Federation” (the author of the program is Busrastan Zulumyan) took place in Moscow by the initiative of Russia and Scientific Council of the Diocese of Nor Nakhijevan.

The event was attended by the primate of the Diocese, archbishop Yezras Nersisyan, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia in Russian Federation Oleg Yesayan, representatives of Embassy of RA in Moscow, NGOs, teachers and students from Moscow Universities. 

  The conference was opened by Yezras Nersisyan, who blessed the participants and wished them a fruitful and productive work. Highlighting the role of language in the preservation of identity, the archbishop noted that the Armenians have always realized the importance of language and literature, even during the persecution and exile. 

Plenipotentiary Ambassador Oleg Yesayan highlighted the importance of such events, noting that the these projects would certainly contribute to the development of the Armenian Studies. 

The Conference united many Armenian language scholars: linguists, philologists, teachers and students who shared their methods of teaching and experience.   

The participants spoke about the importance of the Armenian language teaching, study of typological aspects and web projects. The students of Institute of Asian and African Studies of Moscow State University and Moscow State Linguistic University delivered their speeches in Russian and Armenian. There were also themes on the history of the Armenian Apostolic Church, etymology of the Armenian mythological names, Armenian spiritual poetry and Armenian silent films. 

The head of the conference, Burastan Zulumyan, briefly touched upon the theoretical aspects of teaching of the Armenian literature in high schools, noting that it is necessary to present not only the masterpieces of the Armenian literature, but also to show the evolution of the literary process in wider cultural context. Summing up, she said that the conference would continue the organization of events by the support of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Russia and Diocese of Nor Nakhijevan (a conference on “Armenian Studies in Russia” in November, 2014). She expressed hope, that the Universities of Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don would also participate in such events. 

The meeting ended with a concert by the performance of groups of “Children's center”: dance troupe “Vardavar” (artistic director Margarita Grigoryan) and ensemble of folk songs (director Armine Martirosyan). The concert ended in Moscow State Linguistic University by the performance of a student, Alexander Listengorta, who studies Armenian language and culture and read one of his poems in Armenian.