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On the initiative of “Yerkir” Union in November, 2010, music band “Norayr Kartashyan and Van Project” headed by a distinguished musician, blul player Norayr Kartashyan was formed for revealing, studying and representing the Armenian ethnic cultural heritage of our historical homeland.

The band brings together young musicians who are mastering traditional instruments, study and perform Armenian folk songs and music.  They play not only modern Armenian traditional musical instruments (tar, kamancha, pipe, duduk, blul, pku, zurna, ud, qanun, tambourine, dhol, kopal), but also old and restored ones (double-barreled bagpipes, Hamshen bagpipes). 

The repertoire of the band includes folk songs (“Hamshenasharan”, “Malatia”, “Ani”, songs and melodies from Mush and Sasun etc.) that have modern musical arrangement that make them more understandable and acceptable for youth.

In 2009 CD “Tsarastan” (“Land of Trees”) was released. Norayr Kartashyan noted, “There is a forest in my childhood memories, Tsarastan, where the trees are very old and thick, each of them is like a dynasty coming from centuries bringing with them the ancestors’ smell and longing”. As we are a link between past and future that transfers the past song to future, this is the meaning and mission of the life. 

In 2010-2015 the band organized many events (ethno-music study, master classes) in different cities of historical homeland (Arabkir, Malatia, Kharberd, Dersim, Diarbekir, Van) and in Hamshen. They participated in festivals in Arguvan (Malatia) and in Mndzur (Dersim). They performed for the Armenian and foreign audience in Yerevan, Istambul, Diarbekir and Van. “Norayr Kartashyan and Van Project” participated in the annual International Hrant Dink Award Ceremony by the invitation of “Hrant Dink” foundation.