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A conference on “Lessons of History of the 20th century: the centennial of the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Empire” took place in Ural Federal University on April 20, 2015. The conference united the representatives of the Armenian and other communities. Ural Federal University could not remain indifferent to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide and organized one-day conference in cooperation with the Armenian community “Ani-Armenia”.

The event was also supported by the Rector of Ural Federal University V. Koksharov. The organizational works were done by head of the department of International relations, Professor V. Mikhaylenko, as well as the Professor of history and theory of International relations V. Kamnina, head of the chair of Oriental Studies, Professor V. Kuzmin. The latter not only the coordinated the plenary session, but also delivered a report on the issues of the Armenian Genocide. 

The representatives of the Armenian community delivered reports and took part in discussions. The Centre for Armenian Studies of the department of International relations of the Institute of Social and Political Sciences headed by A. Lyamzin raised a great interest among teachers and students. The professor of the YSU faculty of Sociology, Arthur Atanesyan, also took part in the conference by online connection and delivered a report on the models of genocide memory in the Armenian society. 

The conference then took the form of round-table. The issues raised by the reporters and students were of great interest and were actively discussed. It should also be noted, that the Russian Orthodox Church priest, Father Sergiy also delivered speech in the conference. The pastor of St. Karapet church in Yekaterinburg, priest Aristakes was also present and actively participated in the conference.