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On April 27, 2015 the presentation of the Armenian version of monograph “The Armenian Genocide in History and Memory” by Professor of faculties of Political Sciences, Sociology and Communication of the Sapienza University of Rome, member of the Italian Association of Sociology, Maria Immacolata Machotti, took place in YSU Institute for Armenian Studies. The author of the book, the Vice director of the Commission on Coordination of YSU events for the commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, deputy director if YSU Institute for Armenian Studies  Mher Hovhannisyan, the head of the departments of IAS, Hrachik Bayramyan, Varuzhan Poghosyan, Vahram Petrosyan, head of the Chair of Diaspora of Faculty of History Arman Yeghiazaryan, Candidate in Sociological Sciences Aram Vartikyan, the professors of different faculties, students of the Master’s programs of IAS - “Genocide Studies” and “Armenian Studies” and others were present at the meeting.

In his opening speech Mher Hovhannisyan noted that the presentation took place in the frames of events organized by YSU dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide. M. Hovhannisyan highlighted the importance of cooperation with the Italian partners from the perspective of making documentaries, analytical materials etc. Machotti, in her turn, thanked the partners of YSU, Dean of the Faculty of Sociology, Doctor, Professor in Sociological Sciences Arthur Mkrtchyan, head of the Chair of Applied Sociology Arthur Atanesyan for initiating the translation, publication and presentation of the Armenian version of the book in cooperation with IAS. 

It should be noted that monograph “The Armenian Genocide in History and Memory” was first published in 2011 in Rome. The book touches upon some historical events preceding the genocide, some peculiarities of professional dialogues, including political ones, taking place in the Italian community, as well as upon history and identity, necessary approaches for memory. 

 “I have been interested in genocide generally and especially in the study of the materials about the refugees and that became the reason for studying also the Armenian Genocide profoundly. I am a sociologist, and it is important for me to study the social life of different people and nations and to analyze the problems originating from them. The sufferings of the Armenians didn’t begin in 1915, it started centuries ago, and thus, the roots of the phenomenon must be studied. Sociologists can work in different fronts thanks to their profession”, - said Maria Immacolata Machotti

Professor spoke about the role of the Diaspora, its positive and negative effects. According to her the Great Powers can do more in the recognition process of the Armenian Genocide, as it was done by Pope who didn’t deny the reality and who had courage to speak and represent the horrors of 1915 to Catholic world. 

Then the dean of the YSU faculty of Sociology, Arthur Mkrtchyan, spoke about the sociological approaches of Genocide. He highlighted the difference of study of events from sociological and historical perspective. According to Mkrtchyan, it is necessary to carry out quality and deep investigation, so as to differentiate between communication and cultural memories. 

At the end of the presentation questions were addressed to the author and an active discussion took place between presents and speakers.