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From left to right: Mher Hovhannisyan, Sergey Sayadov, Edik Minasyan


On June 26, 2015 the presentation of the books  “The origins of Russian armenology: historiographical review” («У истоков русского арменоведения: историографический обзор») and “Collection of documents concerning the review of the history of the Armenian people. Part 1” («Собрание актовь, относящихся к обозрению истории армянского народа. Часть 1») by  head of the Center for Armenian Studies, Candidate in History Sergey Sayadov took place in YSU Institute for Armenian Studies.

Sergey Sayadov, deputy director of IAS Mher Hovhannisyan, dean of YSU Faculty of History, Candidate in History Edik Minasyan, heads of the departments of IAS, representatives of were present at the presentation.

 Deputy director of IAS Mher Hovhannisyan welcomed the presents. He spoke about the collaboration of the Aremonological centers of YSU and Rostov-on-Don, represented their joint activities and mentioned that the presentation was the result and the continuation of their collaboration. M. Hovhannisyan said that the Armenian community of Rostov-on-Don was the most active in the field of Armenian Studies and in academic field in general.

“The book is of great historiographical value. It is collection of ways of the development of Armenian communities in Russia in 30’s of the 19th century and Armenian-Russia relations”,- noted M. Hovhannisyan

Hovhannisyan mentioned that “Collection of documents concerning the review of the history of the Armenian people. Part 1” («Собрание актовь, относящихся к обозрению истории армянского народа. Часть 1») would be presented too. The chief editor of the book is YSU rector Aram Simonyan. This is the first volume of the well-known trilogy. The trilogy was compiled by Glinka by the order of Lazaryans. The book is one of the biggest documentary collections of the Armenian part of Russian history. Last time the trilogy was published  in 1830. Now on the initiative of YSU the first volume of the trilogy is published  and the following volumes will be published soon.

Then the author of the book, head of the Center of Armenian Studies of Rostov-on-Don, Candidate in History Sergey Sayadov  thanked the presents for participating in the event and YSU rector Aram Simonyan for the initiation and support.

 “For me the publication of a book is like the birth of a child. In this book I tried to represent a huge heritage of the Armenian nation: historical collection of culture and traditions. I represented the continuous history of the Armenians, preservation of their identity and their powerful culture. I always admired Glinka’s story about the Armenian people; he is the one   who studied Russian history all life,”,-added the author noting that he had studied the theme  in the archives and libraries for four years  and had tried to find the relation between Glinka and Lazaryans.

The author noted that the publication of the book was very important for him, as he wanted to present it to the historians as a primary source of Russian Armenology. Sergey Sayadov tocuhed upon the works of  Glinka in a separate chapter. It is on the history of Armenians in the context of the Azerbaijani historiography, he presented how the Armenians have preserved their identity and moral existence in the Russian Empire.

Then Edik Minasyan congratulated the author and talked about the book, noted its importance in particular for the Armenian historians. He expressed his gratitude to S. Sayadov for such volumetric research and for the publication of such a valuable book for historians.