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 The Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia jointly with the National Institute of Education organized a pan-Armenian scientific-practical conference on "The Modern problems of organizing Armenian Education in Diaspora" on July 13-15 in the framework of " Training of teachers from Diaspora in Armenia for a month".  

Directions of the conference:

Methods of teaching Armenological subjects in Diaspora and the direction of their actualization.

Application of information technologies in educational process.

The issues of the organization of the educational process of the Armenian schools in Diaspora.

Pedagogical and psychological and publishing issues of the Armenian schools of Diaspora.

The conference was held simultaneously in the following sectors: the actualization of education in the Diaspora, the issues of the organization of education in different countries of Diaspora, the issues of education in the Diaspora and cooperation among schools. Teachers from the Diaspora, representatives of education, professionals involved in education in Lebanon, Syria, Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus were invited to the conference. 

The deputy director of IAS, Candidate in Historical Sciences, Mher Hovhannisyan, delivered a report during the conference. In his report, he touched upon the activities of YSU in the Armenian studies educational field of Diaspora. Hovhannisyan represented the main educational and scientific work carried out in various Armenian communities and in cooperation with the Yerevan State University. Participants were also introduced the Master's programs "Genocide Studies" and "Armenian Studies". The latter is carried out in cooperation with the chair of Diaspora Studies.

It was also talked about the activities in integrating the Armenians from Diaspora to this program. The distance learning programs “The Issues of the Armenian History” was represneted, stressing that the aim of the program is to ensure thematic specialized education to the appropriate audience, applying combined methods of distance and classical learning. Participants can be our compatriots from Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and the Armenian Diaspora. The Vice-Chairman of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education of Armenia Atom Mkhitaryan, spoke about the application of the non-formal education methodology in pan-Armenian youth programs.

Several key components that facilitate the implementation of non-formal education were represented. He highlighted the impact of personal, qualitative and psychological factors in education. The Armenian schools in Tehran and their activities, the impact of psychological and philosophical factors of genocide on the Armenian identity, as well as the teaching of Armenian language through games for non-Armenian speaking groups were also touched upon during the conference.


Program of the conference