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  On October 28, the dean of the Faculty of History and International Relations of Ryazan State University, Doctor of History, Professor Andrew Minaev and Head of the chair of World History and International Relations of the same faculty, Doctor of History, Professor Yuri Losev discussed the program of the upcoming and future cooperation between YSU and RSU in YSU Institute for Armenian Studies.

IAS Deputy Director Mher Hovhannisyan presented scientific and research activities carried out in various departments of the Institute. He spoke about the early visit of the rector of Ryazan State University Aleksey Zimin to YSU. According to Hovhannisyan, the issue of cooperation has been previously discussed with the Rector, there were preliminary agreements for cooperation in various academic programs, for exchange of experiences, and this visit is the continuation of that meeting.

"We hope that the visit of our partners will accelerate the solution of problems related to cooperation between YSU and RSU. There are a number of problems related to the humanitarian sphere of education and science, that are in need of serious discussions. Today, as well as during various meetings will try to find ways of solution, "- said M.Hovhannisyan.

It should be noted  that as a result of a preliminary agreement signed in 2016 Armenian language will be taught in Ryazan State University as an supplementary course. Then Hovhannisyan highlighted several important points: issues on the opening of  Armenian Studies Center or Laboratory at RSU, as well as tuition-free education for students of YSU in graduate or postgraduate programs in history and international relations not only at the Ryazan State University, but also in a number of state educational institutions of the Russian Federation. The possibility of part time studies of the history of Armenia at RSU, as well as preparation and implementation of joint grant programs were also discussed.

 Then Andrei Minaev thanked the governance of YSU for their willingness to cooperate and the organization of the meeting. According to Minaev YSU, as a leading University of Armenia, YSU offers great opportunities for cooperation and joint academic programs, as well as formation of new professional competencies. He presented the educational and methodological activities of the Faculty of History and International Relations, mission, achievements and expressed confidence that such cooperation can create good prospective for the creation of bilateral high professional qualifications. According to Minaev, the implementation of distance learning program in the history of Armenia at Ryazan State University is especially encouraging, as well as the idea of creating an Armenian-Russian center. The issue of cooperation of the Armenian and Russian researchers in the field of archeology and was also discussed.

The head of the chair of World History and international Relations Yury Losev, in his turn, presented the activities of the chair, welcomed the idea of cooperation and steps for their implementation. “As Ryazan, has a large Armenian community, the opening of the Armenian-Russian Center, as well as the teaching of the history of Armenia and the Armenian language will further strengthen the Armenian-Russian friendly relations ", - said Losev. 

It should be noted also that the representatives of the Ryazan State University will deliver lectures at YSU Faculties of History and International Relations for 2 days.