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On April 19, 2016, pan-Armenological session took place in NAS RA Institute of History in the presence of  pan-Armenian Foundation “Armenia”. The secretary of the division for Armenian Studies and Social Sciences of the NAS RA, Yuri Suvaryan delivered his opening speech. He spoke about the activities of the division, focusing on the issues of the Armenian Genocide and the works published on this theme, as well as research in the field of Armenian language dialects and preservation of Western Armenian language.

Then he spoke about the main issues in the scientific field, noted imperfections in the cooperation between the Armenian studies centers of RA and Diaspora and observed the importance of the Armenian History in the context of world history. 

After finishing his speech, Suvaryan asked the  director of the Institute of the Academy of History Ashot Melkonyan to deliver his speech. The latter raised a number of important geopolitical themes, recalling the Kurdish uprising in Turkey in 1920-1930, “It is necessary to raise the issue of the compensation of the Armenian Genocide more actively, otherwise, Kurdistan will be our neighbor in future”. Director of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, Pavel Avetisyan also delivered his speech.  

The second part of the meeting consisted of three reports, the second of which was devoted to the activities of the Institute of Armenian Studies from its establishment (2008) to the present day. The Rector of YSU, associate member of NAS RA and the director of the Institute for Armenian Studies, Aram Simonyan presented the mission of 8 departments of the Institute, their online activities, educational programs and cooperation with the Diaspora, as well as he touched upon the activities of 3 new departments, that will open in the nearest future.