The director of the Center of Armenian Studies of Cairo University, Doctor Salah Abdul Aziz Mahgoub Idris and his assistant visited YSU Institute for Armenian studies on May 4, 2016. The deputy director of IAS, Mher Hovhannisyan, presented the activities of the Institute. Mahgoub expressed a wish for collaboration and discussed the cooperation possibilities according to the agreement signed between the two Universities. 

The director of the Center of Armenian Studies presented the future activities in the field of Armenology; translation of Armenian classical literature into Arabic that will contribute to the expansion of the Armenian culture in Arab world. M. Hovhannisyan suggested to put interliterary cooperation on practical basis, for example, to publish bilingual books, that will include works of Arab and Armenian authors on history, literature and culture.

The deputy director also touched upon the academic programs, possible cooperation of preparing specialists for the Center of Armenian Studies of Cairo University and establishment of close relations with the Armenian community of Egypt.