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  On May 26, 2016, the regular session of the Academic Council of Yerevan State University was held. After discussing the various issues of the agenda, a scientific report under the title “The research activities of YSU Institute for Armenian Studies” was delivered by the deputy director of the institute Mher Hovhannisyan.  During the council, the departments and the laboratories of the institute was mentioned, as well as the directions of their activities and the published research work. The cooperation with the Armenian Diaspora communities was highlighted; the jointly implemented projects. Then it was mentioned that it is expected to expand the activity of the institute through new directions. The rector of YSU, the director of IAS Aram Simonyan, emphasized the activity of the institute and added: “The establishment of this institute has made a qualitative change in the Armenology sphere in our country, especially on the virtual platform and in the political Armenology field. We have of proud acquisitions; approximately the majority of the 8 dozen publications are in Russian, English, French and German. Maps also make a large number among them. We also have great advance concerning the Master’s degree programs, as well as the youth training issue; in the matter of involving them in the scientific research”.