On November 22-23, 2016, NAS RA Division of Armenology and Social Sciences with the cooperation of Yerevan State University is holding an international conference titled “The Armenian Genocide and the Issue of the Compensation”.

The conference will be held in the following areas:

1. Historical issues (chaired by: R. Safrastyan, A. Melkonyan, E. Minasyan)

2. Legal and political issues (chaired by: G. Ghazinyan, V. Vardanyan, A. Papyan)

3. Financial and property issues (chaired by: V. Harutyunyan)

4. Demographic issues (chaired by: G. Poghosyan)

5. Philological, Ethnographical and Arts issues (chaired by: A. Aghasaryan, P. Avetisyan, A. Avagyan, V. Katvalyan V. Devrikyan)

The statements of the presentation of the thesis:

- Amount of the pages: 2 pages

- Text font: Sylfaen 

- Font size: 12

- Paragraph: 1.5 

- Summary: approximately 1 page (English, Russian), amount of the words: 50-60 words (including the author’s name, surname and the title)

- Submission deadline of the abstracts is: 20, September, 2016  


The organizing committee of the conference:

R. Safrastyan, A. Melkonyan (Co-chairmen), G. Poghosyan, E. Minasyan, Yu. Suvaryan A. Simonyan, G. Ghazinyan, V. Harutyunyan, P. Avetisyan, A. Aghasaryan, V. Katvalyan, V. Devrikyan, S. Manukyan.