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  On September 16, 2016, a discussion-meeting took place between the scientific director of "Lepsius House" research centre, the prominent German genocideologist Rolf Hosfild, and the deputy director of YSU Institute for Armenian Studies, Mher Hovhannisyan. During the meeting, both of the research institutions discussed the upcoming cooperation prospective and a number of issues related to the scientific research activities.

Afterwards, R. Hosfild delivered a lecture to IAS students of “Genocide Studies” and “Armenian Studies”, which was entirely devoted to the activities of the "Lepsius House". 
He presented the "Lepsius House" that is situated in Potsdam suburb, Germany. He spoke about the activities of the great German humanist and philosopher. He also introduced the scientific researches that are done since May, 2011, by the "Lepsius House" which is considered to be a “research centre for the study of genocide”.
In the words of Hosfild: “Lepsius’ work is more valuable than it seems to be, because he wasn’t just a researcher, rather a struggling fighter during the Genocide years who raised the issue of the misfortunes that Armenians were subjected, throughout Europe, as well as was seeking for practical steps to be taken to deliver aid to them. 
At the end of the discussion, the students asked a variety of questions to the lecturer, an active discussion was held amongst the attendees.
It is notable for us to mention, that in 2015, YSU IAS took over the translation task of the "Lepsius House" director Rolf Hosfild’s book “Death in the Desert: The Armenian Genocide”.