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YSU Institute of Armenian Studies, as an initiative department, carried out another interesting project from August 31 to September 10, 2016. The project was also supported by the chairman of the Armenian community Hamayak Ustyan and the deputy chairman of the community on international affairs, Markos Kesyan.

The plans and the importance of further steps of the project were presented by the deputy director of the IAS, Candidate in Historical Sciences, Mher Hovhannisyan. “I must note that the idea of this project was born during our previous visits to Lebanon, and YSU has become a connecting structure between the different communities, in this case, between Armenian communities of Sochi and Lebanon for the development of activities that contribute to the formation of cross-cultural and educational ties”- said Hovhannisyan.

According to him, the aim of this initiative is to encourage the communication between young people and to put healthy educational and cultural objectives in the base of this communication. We must note that the project participant of the Mesropyan Armenian Catholic higher college, Karin Terzian first visited Yerevan and learned about the YSU and IAS activities, academic programs, visited various faculties for two days. Then, the participant left for Sochi accompanied by Mher Hovhannisyan and head of IAS Department of Armenian-Ottoman Relations, Lusine Sahakyan. 

Karin Terzian got acquainted with the life of the community, took part in classes at the University of Sevan of Sochi, visited the Armenian collage, got acquainted with the way of life of the community and met with officials, active young people, discussed the differences, advantages and disadvantages of educational mechanisms.

M. Hovhannisyan added that the program will be continuous. It is planned to carry out this project among YSU partners each year in order to preserve the Armenian identity. “I must also note that initially it was planned to involve a large number of participants, but according to some objective and subjective reasons only one student participated out of six. We are sure that the next year we will have more participants. We also plan to present YSU academic programs to the participants in the framework of these visits, with the hope that some of them will be willing to continue their education in Armenia and especially in the field of Armenian studies, contributing to the solution of the problems of preservation of Armenian identity”-said M. Hovhannisyan.

Then, during a visit to the Adler branch of the Armenian community a 72-hour short course of teacher training on "The Armenian language and literature", and "History of Armenia" was carried out. More than 16 teachers from Abkhazia and Russia were awarded certificates.

At the end of the visit, a sign of future cooperation and the establishment of friendly relations, Mesropyan College and the Armenian community of Sochi exchanged souvenirs.