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Lecture at MSU Lecture at MSU Lecture at MSU
Lecture at MSU With the head of MSU Laboratory of History of Diasporas, Oksana Solopova With Shahen Petrosyan


The establishment of new partnerships was among the number of programs that have been planned during the visit of the Deputy Director of YSU IAS, Mher Hovhannisyan to Moscow on October 24-29. For that purpose Hovhannisyan has conducted negotiations with MSU Laboratory of History of  Diasporas beforehand. Constructive discussions were also held between YSU rector, Aram Simonyan and the Chairman of the Union of Armenians of Russia, Aram Abrahamyan in Armenia. As a result, agreements were signed between the head of MSU Laboratory of History of Diasporas, Oksana Solopova and the chairman of the executive council of the Moscow city department of the Union of Armenians of Russia, Shahen Petrosyan. It is noteworthy that the main directions and tasks of cooperation were thoroughly discussed by both sides before and after signing the agreement.  

The qualitative growth of the Armenian Studies in Moscow, as well as the principles of joint activities that aim at organizing effective educational, scientific and practical events for the preservation of the Armenian identity and activation of professional activities in the humanitarian area of the Armenian-Russian relations are the base of these agreements. 

It’s encouraging that the negotiations with the Moscow State University partners were conducted in harmony of the university’s spirit: the YSU representative was given an opportunity to deliver two lectures of informative and professional nature.

The main questions of the history of Armenia, the possibility of YSU Diaspora students’ education in Armenological specialties, as well as their participation in the "Diaspora" summer school were also touched upon.  We hope that this partnership will have its unique place in the scientific and educational platform of Armenia-Diaspora relations and will ensure new horizons for the development of the Armenian Studies in Russia which has great traditions.

It should be noted that IAS continues to collaborate with the museum Tapan of Russian and Nor-Nakhichevan Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church (coordinator Ashot Avetisyan) and Moscow Regional Archive (director Tatiana Lyubina).