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In October 2016, in the Swiss city of Zurich, the Limat publishing house released, Dora Sakayan’s book in German, entitled “They Drove Them into the Desert: Clara and Fritz Zigrist-Hiltiner as witnesses of the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1918”. Candidate in Philological Sciences, Dora Dakayan decoded old Gothic handwritten documents, thoroughly studied and placed the events into their correct timeframe. In addition to this, in her book Sakayan tells the readers events from Hayk Aramyan’s Armenian book, explaining that how in 1916 Zigrist-Hiltiner couple helped their storekeeper Aramyan to implement his adventurous escape.

On the occasion of the publishing of this book, numerous book presentations were organized with great splendor in several German-speaking cities of Switzerland, such as Grabs, Zurich and St. Gallen.   

The Swiss Ambassador to the Republic of Armenia, Lukas Gasser, participated in the presentation events, among the attendees were Swiss and Armenian prominent figures, as well as the descendants of Zigrist-Hiltiner couple. Within the framework of the presentations, Dora Sakayan gave interviews to the Swiss television and various newspapers, emphasizing the importance of the publication of her book, she also referred that the Armenian and English translated versions of the book is in process.