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Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Georgia to Armenia, Giorgi Saganelidze, his wife, Yekaterine Bakradze and senior advisor of the Embassy, Nino Aptsiauri visited YSU Institute for Armenian Studies on December 6, 2016.

YSU Rector, Director of YSU IAS, Aram Simonyan welcomed the honorary guests. 

The Ambassador presented books on Georgian history and culture to IAS Department of the Armenian-Georgian Relations the aim of which is to contribute to the strengthening of Armenian-Georgian scientific, cultural, historical, cultural and friendly relations.

"The fate of the Armenian and Georgian people have always been intertwined, and we must not break these ties,  moreover, we need to know everything about each other and support each other. It is very important that our leaders are well aware of this and do everything for the deepening the Armenian-Georgian friendship, "- said Giorgi Saganelidze.

"These books are a good gift to YSU IAS Department of the Armenian-Georgian relations. Our students are not only interested in the study of the Georgian language, but also in the Georgian literature, history, and contemporary Georgian politics. This literature will help them to cooperate, and our young people will continue to deepen and develop the ties that we have always had with Georgian friends”, -said Aram Simonyan.

The need for further cooperation between YSU and the Embassy of Georgia to Armenia, the study of Georgian history and culture, the teaching of the Georgian language, as well as the organization of joint scientific conferences and meetings, that will contribute to the strengthening of relations was emphasized. Being immediate neighbors, we constantly need to keep our relations at the highest level, in the interests of the two peoples' centuries-old cooperation and friendship.

The guests also visited IAS Department of Armenian-Georgian relations, got acquainted with the work carried out by the department, as well as the literature on the Armenian-Georgian literary, historical and cultural ties published by the department.

Head of the Department of Armenian-Georgian relations,  Hrachik Bayramyan, in his turn, noted with regret that in the post-Soviet years Georgian-Armenian spiritual ties weakened and stressed that the concern for the present and the future of our country obliges us to overcome difficulties and differences that currently exist in our reality, and we should follow the example of our classics, who bequeathed us to maintain friendly relations between our peoples.