At the invitation of the Moscow branch of the Union of Armenians of Russia the delegation of the Yerevan State University, deputy director of the Institute for Armenian Studies of YSU, Ph.D. Mher Hovhannisyan and expert in international law, professor at YSU Faculty of Law of Yerevan State University Vladimir Vardanyan took part in the International Conference entitled  "Genocide, Memory and Remembrance" on december 8-10, 2016. The conference was attended by representatives and teachers of various Russian and Armenian scientific and political structures.

 Mher Hovhannisyan presented the main directions of the scientific conference: representation of historical facts, events, revealing of political and legal problems. The main peculiarity of the conference was that the articles of most of the participants were dedicated to the historical past. The other part of the conference was dedicated to the Armenian Genocide, its analysis from the legal and political point of view, the possible ways of the elimination of its consequences and the steps to be undertaken, as well as the answers to a number of social and psychological issues.

 “We must note that the conference was held in an atmosphere of observations and discussions, of course, there were also opposing viewpoints, however, there was a possibility to discuss and highlight the main problems, which are directed to the current and future activities on the issue of genocide.

The other main purpose of the visit to Moscow was the exchange of contracts in the frame of cooperation between Armenian community of Moscow and Yerevan State University which was carried out by M. Hovhannisyan and head of the Armenian community of Moscow,  Shahen Petrosyan. “It should be noted that during the visit there was a good opportunity get acquainted with the representatives of the Armenian community of Moscow, the situation in the community, as well as the existing problems. Some issues that need to be completed, agreed upon and presented to the governance of the University as a final annual program package have been prefigured”, - said M. Hovhannisyan.

During the meeting there was an exchange of the specialized literature that, according to Hovhannisyan, will become periodic and beneficial for the community. The active participation of the community in the "Diaspora Summer School 2017” was also discussed.

During the visit, Vladimir Vardanyan delivered a number of lectures on  legal and political issues of the Armenian Genocide.