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Ձախից աջ ԵՊՀ հրատ. տնօրեն Կ. Գրիգորյան, ՀՀԻ փոխտնօրեն Մ. Հովհաննիսյան, ՀՊԱՔ բաժնի ղեկավար Վ. Մխիթարյան


Within the research framework of the Laboratory of Armenian Historical Geography and Cartography after Babken Harutyunyan of YSU Institute for Armenian Studies, the English-language “Atlas of the Armenian Genocide” is ready for publication, upon the final discussion and approval of the directory of the institute. We should note that the composition of the maps had begun when B. Harutyunyan was still alive. After he passed away, the coworkers of the laboratory initiated to bring the atlas into its finalized form, ready to be published.
The atlas is first of a kind; it represents the mapping of the Armenian Genocide in English, which is targeted to reach the summarized panorama of the Armenian Genocide to the relevant international bodies and respective communities. It is consisted of a series of maps with explanatory texts, historical photographs, documents. The cultural genocide is referred in it as well. The atlas includes 24 interconnected series of maps, it presents the cartography of the Armenian Highlands from the Ancient times to the Russian-Turkish war (1877-1878), and from the Internationalization of the Armenian Question (1894-1896) to the Hamidian massacres of Armenians, also from the massacres of the Cilician Armenians to the Armenian Genocide, in addition to the self-defense battles and the massacres of the Armenians of Baku, Sumgayit and the contemporary incident of deportation of the Armenian population of Kessab.                       
We must add that the work will be ready within a month. It will be published on the eve of the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide, by the sponsorship of the Moscow branch of the Union of Armenians of Russia.