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 The opening ceremony of the sixth “Diaspora Summer School” organized on the initiative of RA Ministry of Diaspora and Yerevan State University was held on July 3 at YSU Main hall. There are 5 thematic directions in school: “Training course for the Young Journalists”, “Intensive Course of the Armenian Language”, “Training course for the Armenian Language Teachers and Educational Mission Organizers”, “Course for the Young Leaders and Community Activities Organizers” and "Course of National Music and Dance". It should be noted that 316 participants from 35 countries take part in school this year. Numerous cultural events, visits to historical and cultural sites of Armenia, meetings with state, public, cultural figures and religious leaders will be organized apart from the planned theoretical and practical classes.

The opening ceremony was attended by RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan, Vice President of RA Ministry of Diaspora, Serzh Srapionyan, YSU Rector Aram Simonyan, the organizers of school, lecturers and others.

RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan welcomed the presents, participants, organizers and the teaching staff. “Dear participants, I warmly welcome you to Armenia and the Alma Mater. Today, we have the honor to host our compatriots. I am grateful to the participants from different communities, who attach importance to education and came to Armenia to gain knowledge and transfer it to the younger generation. You are the part of our school biography. You are enriching and weaving its biography with your presence. You will be the generation who is going to take the knowledge gained in Armenia to their communities and implement it for the education of worldwide Armenians of Diaspora. In this complicated era of globalization, in the conditions of equalization policy, when many nations, languages, cultures are assimilated, the Armenian people living in 119 countries of the world tries to resist, defend our language and our homeland. Yes, you have a sacred duty today, to be Armenian and work for the homeland. Dear friends, I congratulate all of us on this occasion. I want you to work and learn with great dedication”, said H. Hakobyan.

YSU rector Aram Simonyan expressed his gratitude to RA Ministry of Diaspora for the organization of Diaspora school by joint efforts. 

 “Dear participants, we are happy and proud to host you in YSU. Indeed, 5 years have passed since we decided to start this program with the Minister of Diaspora. Many were skeptic about this idea, but today we can safely say that due to the hard work and devoted efforts, the number of our compatriots willing to participate in the program increases every year. We constantly note that we are a network nation and the Diaspora Summer School is the best indicator of this phenomenon. I hope you will gain lots of experience and knowledge this month”. 

A.Simonyan also touched upon the problems of preservation of the Armenian identity in the Diaspora, stressing that the summer school pursues the goal of preserving and strengthening the Armenian identity.

The official ceremony was followed by a concert organized by YSU Cultural Center.