The closing ceremony of the 3 courses of the 6th “Diaspora” Summer school, “Course for the Young Leaders and Community Activities Organizers”, “Training course for the Young Journalists”, July 2-15, "Course of National Music and Dance", took place at YSU Cultural center on July 14, 2017.

 The event was attended by the Vice Minister of the RA Ministry of Diaspora Serzh Serpionyan, IAS deputy director and DSS director Mher Hovhannisyan,  responsibles of the courses, lectures and participants. 

 The Vice Minister of the RA Ministry of Diaspora, Serzh Srapionyan delivered the opening speech and spoke about the achievements of the 3 courses. “The most important and primary mission of the Summer School is to preserve the Armenian identity and make the Armenians more competitive in the world. The courses were selected according to this principle. Dear participants, you are the generation who should propagate Armenian values in your countries.  You should be the best in your work and never forget your homeland”, -said S. Srapionyan.

YSU IAS deputy director Mher Hovhannisyan called the participants not to forget the Alma Mater, the Ministry of Diaspora and the knowledge gained here. “Remember, you have a homeland which is concerned about you”,-said Mher Hovhannisyan. 

 The participants expressed their gratitude and greetings to the organizers and responsibles of the school. The responsible of the “Training Course for the Young Journalists”, the dean of YSU Faculty of Journalism, Naghash Martirosyan said that homeland is already in the hearts of the participants.  “Remember that the loss of your homeland is your own loss. Never forget your homeland and always be with it”. 

 The responsible of the “Course for the Young Leaders and Community Activities Organizers”, Yekaterina Altunyan expressed her gratitude to the participants of the school. She highlighted the importance of the creation of a common platform which would later become the basis for joint new initiatives.

The responsible of the "Course of National Music and Dance", head of YSU Cultural center, Karine Davtyan expressed her gratitude especially to the lecturers of these three courses. 

 The closing ceremony of the Summer School was followed by a concert program performed by participants of the "Course of National Music and Dance". 

The participants received certificates that were awarded by the director of the school, Mher Hovhannisyan and Vice Minister of RA Ministry of Diaspora, Serzh Srapionyan.