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    YSU Institute for Armenian Studies evaluates the work of pedagogues carrying out pro-Armenian and patriotic activities outside homeland, expresses its support in developing their professional abilities and skills. Nowadays, the need of a training course for pedagogues teaching subjects on Armenian studies is increasing especially in those communities where subjects on Armenian studies are being reduced or terminated in educational institutions because of the lack of qualified teachers and other reasons. The course is an important step which can definitely prevent the emergence of such obstacles and become a certain means of struggle in spreading and developing Armenian studies out of homeland. The next training program launched in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. About ten teachers had the opportunity to take part in the 72-hour professional training course on "Armenian Language, Literature and Issues of Teaching Armenian History" on June 5-16.

YSU lecturers, Deputy Director of the Institute for Armenian Studies, lecturer at the Chair of Armenian History, Candidate in History, Associate Professor Mher Hovhannisyan and junior researcher at the Institute for Armenian Studies, a lecturer in the Pedagogy and Education Development Center, Candidate in Philological Sciences Meri Hovhannisyan conducted a training course in Rostov-on-Don in collaboration with the Armenian community in Rostov-on-Don. It is important to mention that the community leader Harutyun Surmalyan has greatly supported the program. The organizational activities were coordinated by Sergei Sayadov, the Executive Director of the Community, Gevorg Grigoryan, President of “Armenian Youth Association of Don”, and Christine Pluzyan, a community representative.

The teachers who were participating in the training course enriched their theoretical knowledge and also developed professional skills through practical work, interacting with modern methods of teaching Armenian language, literature and Armenian history, ways and means of teaching. The training course has a two-way orientation. On one hand, the extension of theoretical knowledge is provided to pedagogues, and on the other hand, the acquisition of practical skills.

At the end of the course, the teachers received certificates from YSU Institute for Armenian Studies as well as books that can be useful during the learning process. Apart from the training courses, there were separate lectures delivered for the members of Armenian Youth Association of  Don. On June 7, historian Mher Hovhannisyan delivered a lecture on “The Prerequisites for the Establishment of the First Republic of Armenia”. The lecture was summarized by answering to the interesting questions raised by the young people. 

On June 11, Meri Hovhannisyan delivered a lecture on “The Armenian Literature from the 5th Century Until Nowadays”. She particularly touched upon the writers who carried out their creative activities in Rostov-on-Don, in other cities of Russia, continued to contribute to the welfare of their country and people beyond the borders of homeland. The young people discussed the role of literature in the formation and dissemination of patriotic ideas.

Such programs have an important mission as they are aimed at expanding and developing the teaching of Armenian studies beyond the borders of Armenia. The process of teaching subjects on Armenian studies in Russia is accomplished through the overcoming of many issues, among which is the reduction of the number of hours devoted to these subjects. Awarding corresponding qualification to teachers by YSU is an important step for the solution of this issue.

Note that the program was first launched in Sochi in 2016.