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ՀՀԻ փոխտնօրենը Դպրեվանքի շրջանավարտների հետ:


YSU Institute for Armenian Studies has gained reliable partners within the framework of programs implemented in Diaspora. One of them is the Seminary after Catholicos Zareh I of the Armenian Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia in Lebanon. The latter carries out spiritual or national education. Unfortunately, it had problems with the recognition of certificates issued in Lebanon. The negotiations between the IAS and Seminary that have been conducted since 2013 are directed towards the possible solution of this issue. 

 As a result, due to the agreement signed between the Seminary and Yerevan State University on January 25, 2015 graduates of the seminary have the opportunity to continue their education at YSU. Progress in this field was achieved at the meeting of representatives of IAS and Seminary in Beirut in 2018. The first students who moved to study at YSU are Hagop Antrian (Lebanon) and Krikor Fenerjian (Syria).

Hagop will try to study philosophy of life at YSU. “I have always wanted to live in Armenia.  I studied at Seminary and in recent years I really wanted to settle in here. After concluding the agreement with the University, I decided to come here”, — noted Hagop. He considers his duty to live and work in homeland. “People usually ask — what did the homeland give to me for me to give it back? But I am saying the opposite, what I gave to my homeland for it to give it to me. I am determined to study and become a soldier”, — added Hagop. 

Krikor's classes have already begun. He has decided to move to Armenia long time ago. “I decided to come and study here during the last 3-4 years. I am very interested in psychology. I want to create my future here. I made efforts in this direction despite the difficulties”, — emphasized Krikor.