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On September 17, at 10:00 a.m, in the session hall of the Academic council of YSU took place symposium and a session of YSU Academic council dedicated to the 20th anniversary of independence of Republic of Armenia. YSU rector Aram Simonyan congratulated the presents indicating that the 21st of September (Independence Day of the Republic of Armenia) is one of the most important national holidays.
"On these days we  focus our attention  on  the way that our nation passed in these last 20 years, the process of establishment of our independence, to which Yerevan State University contributed too",- said YSU rector Aram Simonyan. He also added that it was very difficult to keep the independence which had been achieved at the great sacrifice. According to him the formation of state and civil society is still in the process, and we should improve the existing shortcomings. "The slogan of the Independence Day celebration – "Armenia is you" is pertinent, as we are strong not only with our independent country, but also with Armenian Diaspora",- mentioned Aram Simonyan.
During the plenary session the dean of the Faculty of History of YSU, Doctor of History Edik Minasyan presented his report representing the way that the Republic of Armenia passed in these 20 years.
The symposium was continued parallel in the faculty of History of YSU and in YSU Palyan hall.
The head of the Laboratory of Historical geography and cartography of the Institute for Armenian Studies of YSU Babken Harutyunyan in his report ("From Sardarapat to Shushi") touched on the history of the three republics.
"Though our way to independence was full of difficulties, the Armenian nation could overcome these difficulties and make appropriate conditions for the Armenian second republic: NKR", - mentioned Babken Harutyunyan.
The secretary of science of IAS of YSU Alik Gharibyan presented his report "Artsakh struggle for existence on the way of independence". "Armenian statehood is one of our most important achievements. The establishment of the statehood was necessary for us, to which Artsakh struggle for existence contributed too. The latter increased our national self-consciousness, national unification from the point of motherland-Diaspora",- said Alik Gharibyan. He also added  that after Artsakh struggle for existence we had the psychology of the winner and we dictated our terms.
In the symposium there were reports dedicated to the independence of RA which were on historico-cultural and politological topics.