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 Events dedicated to the 99th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide took place on April 20-25 in Rostov-on-Don. This year the events were organized by the Armenian community of Rostov-on-Don and Yerevan State University.

The deputy director of YSU Institute for Armenian Studies Mher Hovhannisyan delivered a lecture on “The Reflection of the Armenian Genocide Issue on the Internet”, the head of the Department of Armenian-Ottoman Relations Lusine Sahakyan delivered a lecture on “The Policy of Islamization and Turkization in Ottoman Empire and Republican Turkey”.  The film “My home is here…” was shown in the cinema club.

On April 21 the students of South Russian center of National Academy of Sciences attended the lectures on the Armenian Genocide.  The presentation of the Distance learning program “Issues of the History of Armenia” developed by the Institute for Armenian Studies of YSU took place in the frames of the event. 

The film “Hamshen at the Crossroads of Past and Present” was shown in Nairi Cultural Union of Taganrog.

On April 23 the delegation of YSU visited the Museum of Russian-Armenian Friendship of Rostov-on-Don and met the editorial staff of Hayazg encyclopedia. 

The presentation of the film “From Ararat to Europe” took place in the frames of family film festival “Up”, then the presents met the director of the film Arsen Hakobyan. On the same day there was a torchlight procession in Bolshie Sali village. The presents were unified under one idea, the idea of justice.  Harutyun Surmalyan (head of the administrative board of Armenian community) quoted king Darius “It is impossible to win the Armenians, it is only possible to divide them”. The latter mentioned that our victory is in our unification.

On April 21 during the session of legislative meeting, Viktor Deryabkin mentioned that Russia condemns crimes against humanities and Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Empire. He mentioned that during those tragic years Armenian people suffered great loses.

By the suggestion of Viktor Deryabkin the deputies honored the memory of the innocent victims with a minute of silence. The governor of Rostov Vasili Golubev  was present in the session as well. It is significant that Harutyun Surmalyan’s initiative was supported by the deputies.

The day began with the memorial service in the Armenian church of Rostov-on-Don.  The main events were held in  St. Karapet church, there stands the cross-stone dedicated to the memory of the victims of Armenian Genocide.   The head of social-political communications administration of Rostov-on-Don Vladimir Nekrasov, the mayor of the city Mikhail Chernishev,  the representative  of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rostov Boris Gokzhaev, as  well as heads of  NGOs of Rostov-on-Don were also present.

After the liturgy  the consul of the Republic of Armenia in Rostov-on-Don Ararat Gomtsyan mentioned that  such kind of crimes do not expire and he called upon the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the international community and Turkey. 

The presents put bouquets of flowers on the cross-stone dedicated to the victims of Armenian Genocide.  The bouquets were from the delegations of “New Nakhijevan” community of Rostov-on-Don, consulate of the Republic of Armenia and Yerevan State University.