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  YSU Institute for Armenian Studies continues to deepen its partnership with the Armenian Diaspora and at the same time tries to make the already established relations more practical. In this regard, Moscow department of the Union of Armenians in Russia has its unique place among IAS Russian-Armenian community structures.  

For already two years close relations have been established with Moscow department of the Union of Armenians in Russia. The relations were established during the visit of the chairman of the executive council of the department Shahen Petrosyan in 2016. In this short period of time, the community structure supported IAS in the implementation of research and partnership programs in Moscow region. 

Recently, the scientific potential of the IAS conducted professional consultation within the frames of the events organized by the partner community structure in Moscow on April 24. In its turn, the community structure headed by Petrosyan has already made its contribution in preparing genocide scholars in the homeland by compensating the tuition fee of one of the students. 

This initiative is continuous and exemplary because today, in the period of non-classical Diaspora community, there are a few community organizations that are involved not only in the contribution of the development of Armenian studies in the homeland, but are also trying to involve the native scientific potential into the solvation of issues on the preservation of the Armenian identity.

This partnership, undoubtedly, still tends to develop and hopefully will promote the establishment of new relations between the social and cultural structures of Armenian communities of Russia and Institute for Armenian Studies. The presence of new and reliable partners will contribute to the implementation of pro-Armenian projects, which are demanded not only in the Armenian communities of Russia but also in other CIS countries. 

Note that IAS has already become a participant in the representation of the issues on the preservation of the Armenian identity and national issues of the community in the Russian field.